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Male Yeast Infection Medicine: Try Over The Counter Medications First

When it comes to choosing an effective male yeast infection medicine most people are constrained to first consider buying overt-the-counter medications and only if these do not prove to be the right option will they then seek to use stronger medications.

In fact, most of the male yeast infection medicines are pretty much the same as are used in treating female yeast infections since the yeast is the same that yeast infection causes in either men or women.

Monistat Can Be Used By Men

Monistat, an over the counter male yeast infection medicine can be used with good effect as it has the necessary anti-fungal properties that are so essential in defeating and eliminating yeast infection. No doubt the label on Monistat has the words “for vaginal use”; however, this yeast infection medicine can be used on males as well without any complications or worries. The only thing is that this yeast infection medicine is marketed for use by women because that gender is more affected by yeast infections.

There are however several other male yeast infection medicines that can be tried out including Micatin, Lamisil as well as Lotrimin. Once you have purchased an over the counter male yeast infection medicine you can then apply it directly on the part of the penis that is affected. Unless this application cannot remove the rash within a week or eight days, you won’t need to get a doctor look at your condition.

In other cases, sometimes male yeast infection can also be caused by certain other medical ailments and for this you will need to get that medical ailment diagnosed and treated before trying out any male yeast infection medicine.

Before applying a male yeast infection medicine you need to ensure that you wash the affected part thoroughly and then apply the cream (anti-fungal) or spray or even powder according to directions. Then, you need to change your clothes and especially your underwear on a daily basis.

For a more holistic approach you can buttress the effects of male yeast infection medicine by also consuming yogurt on a daily basis. In case you are also looking for an effective remedy for male yeast infection you need not worry. Even though you are a male and so not expecting to have to deal with yeast infection there is not much to worry about because there are plenty of solutions available that will help ensure that suffering is minimized and the condition not too worrying.

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  2. Yeast in small quantities is normal and even aids the body’s physiological function. Under normal circumstances, a small amount of the yeast organisms will survive in the vagina without causing any harm or symptoms to the host. However, at times candida albicans may go into overdrive. Bacteria may be disrupted when the level of female hormones change, like in the case of women nearing their monthly period, or pregnancy. Yeast infection causes may be addressed. If the quantity of Candida Albicans is not effectively controlled, chronic vaginal yeast ensues.